What Are The Reasons For Choosing Natural Woodchips In Melbourne?

by Weilsann

Posted on 20.07.2017

The close relationship between mulch and woodchips isn’t a mystery anymore. Natural woodchips are an integral part of garnering best results for your garden. It has been found that mulches, especially woodchips, ensure to create better results for a garden. There are 4 important reasons to mulch, especially with natural woodchips.

1. Water Conservation
2. Stops Soil-Drying
3. Weed Seeds Germination
4. Soil Temperature Constant

Water Conservation: The best part of mulching is that it stops water conservation. If you use natural woodchips then it has a higher chance of achieving the results of water conservation.

Stops Soil-Drying: Natural woodchips stop soil from drying out. It also keeps the soil moist and most importantly reduces the watering around 60%.

Weed Seeds Germination: Weed seeds germination that competes with plants with moisture and nutrients. Mulching also helps to keep the temperature of soil constant.

Soil Temperature Constant: When you’re using organic mulches suggesting you’re adding extra organic matter to the soil. It helps keep the soil temperature constant.

However, before choosing any types of mulch, you need to know that mulches are of two types – Organic and Inorganic. Natural woodchips are organic mulch.

Facts of Natural Woodchips

If you’re in Melbourne, natural woodchips should rank top when you’re buying mulch for your garden. But you need to realize the problems associated with woody materials if decomposed naturally. Woodchips such as unopposed sawdust, soluble nitrogen, pine bark and woodchips are the examples of natural woodchips.

Now coming to the benefits, organic mulches helps to breaks down and adds organic matters to the soil. It also improves the structure of the soil and also the drainage. In addition with that, it encourages the earthworm and microbial activity of the soil.
Inorganic mulches, such as scoria, gravel or stone river pebbles usually don’t break down. These generally come in a different range of colors and look trendy. However, using of pebbles on your garden may turn up the garden looking messy.

Whether you’re using ground cover or soil conditioner mulch, you need to understand that it does require special expertise to produce relatively problem-free mulch. There are many organizations who provide natural woodchips in Melbourne. Therefore, the onus is on your shoulders to undertake professional standards pertaining to soil conditioning in your garden.

More and more people are opting for soil conditioners to use on their land.

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