3 Different Types of Coloured Woodchips Mulches in Melbourne

by Weilsann

Posted on 01.08.2017

There are many various different types of mulch that you can use for your lawn and garden. Before choosing, you need to understand that mulch isn’t a one-size-fits-all type of solution. Like the different types, there are different types of mulch with different colors.

Mainly, there are 3 different types of colors – red, brown and black. Let’s discuss them. This piece is designed to give information on how to pick the best colorful mulch for your yard. Before choosing Coloured Woodchips in Melbourne, you also need to consider the color of house or building.  For instance, a red-brick colored house doesn’t go well with red-colored mulch. If you’re an owner of a red colored house, then you should opt for a contrasting color like black or brown.

Coloured Mulch Suppliers and Supply in Melbourne

Red Mulch: Red color mulch is the most prominent one. People use red color mulches extensively in office buildings, a park, or a line of restaurants. This type of mulches works really well when trees, plants, and shrubs are in light color. The vibrancy of red colored wood chips offers a good contrast to light-colored plants. It also works well in rock gardens. Having red color mulches makes your driveways and sideways also make beautiful.

Around 17% of the mulching industry is composed of red mulch. However, red mulches decompose quickly compare to natural bark mulch as these are made from recycled wood chips.Red Mulch


 Brown Mulch: Brown colored mulches give a nice touch to a lawn and garden. This color makes both light and darker color plants more vibrant if paired together. Brown colored mulches work well with small areas. The best part of brown mulch is that it complements all shades of green making it really easy choice to focus on aesthetics of the yard. The brown color is a universal color – which you can’t go ignoring.

However, it tends to lose its beauty after just a single season.

 Brown Mulch

Black Mulch: Black mulches go well with commercial areas because of its long-lasting abilities. In cooler regions, black colored mulches go well but countries in hotter temperature don’t pair well with black mulch as it can affect the growth of the plant.

Mulch or natural wood chips play a huge part in creating an overall appeal of your property and especially lawn. But mulch is an important aspect of any property. The gulf between a mulched or without-mulched lawn is substantial.

Black Mulch

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