4 Reasons To Try Mulching For The Best Garden In Your Locality

by Weilsann

Posted on 22.02.2018

When it comes to taking care of your garden, you really have no limitations in experimenting. The more experiment, the better outcome. One such element to take care of your garden is mulching. Garden mulch in Melbourne is quite common and effective in enriching your soil with the essential ingredients.

What Is Mulch?

Mulch is an essential ingredient for improving the quality of a soil. Mulch is notably, any matter that is laid over the soil so as to cover it. It is primarily done to retain soil moisture and improve its quality. Mulch is primarily organic in nature. Some of the most common types of mulch are bark, shredded or chipped wood, compost or composted manure, shredded leaves, clippings of grass and even straw.

What Are The Notable Benefits Of Mulching?

Mulching is a common practice for improving the quality of soil in most gardens. Since mulch is an organic substance which can be laid on garden soil without affecting its original qualities, so you can frequently carry on this activity. Here are some of the most important advantages of mulching.

  • Retains soil moisture: The natural process of evaporation causes loss of moisture from the soil. You need to water your garden to compensate this loss. In case, if you miss watering your garden, lack of sufficient moisture in soil may even affect the plants. Mulch covers the soil and prevents evaporation of moisture from the soil.
  • Supply essential nutrients to the soil: Since mulch is an organic matter, as it stays in contact with soil, and its moisture it gradually breaks down to add the nutrients contained in the soil. As a result, it enriched the soil with needed components and thus plays an important role in soil enrichment.
  • Discourage weed growth: This is one of the most common benefits of mulch that you may just love. Mulch plays an active role in preventing the growth of mulch in your garden. As it forms a covering on the soil, it blocks sunlight from reaching the ground and leading to the germination of weeds. You are saved from the task of weed-clearing! Mulching is even a way for smart garden maintenance.
  • Controls soil erosion: You must have often struggled to prevent soil erosion during heavy rains. It is almost impossible to have a clean garden and prevent soil erosion at the same time. However, mulching lets you do that. It covers the soil and prevents soil erosion by locking the particles within its layers.

So make sure to choose your favorite mulch for your garden. As an option, you can try the popular coloured woodchips in Althem. It’s quite a popular kind of mulch in the region.

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